4982 Parkway Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017
8AM - 5PM Weekdays
4982 Parkway Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017
8AM - 5PM Weekdays
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We are a Consultative Fintech

We deliver exactly what our stakeholders need. In order to do that, we take a consultative approach. Our dedicated team of consultants are constantly in touch with our stakeholders. That keeps us on top of what they need and ensures the highest level of satisfaction.

We are subject matter experts in Enterprise & B2B payments

Payments in the Retail and Enterprise space operate differently to different dynamics. Our team of experts are equipped with a detailed understanding of these dynamics such as payment processes, technologies, complex systems, audit and compliance controls and regulatory guidelines. This expertise enables them to successfully navigate the complexities of payments domains.

We are a full-stack payment solutions organization

We believe our customers and partners will be satisfied if we understand and fulfil everything around their payment needs. Hence, we are constantly pushing the envelope to come up with innovative payment solutions that involve all types of payment instruments for both domestic as well as cross border payments.

We are nothing but an affordable ERP for businesses

We take great pride in acting as a full-fledged Procure-to-Pay specialist for many mid-sized & SME organizations. Our intelligent, exhaustive and elaborative payment platform encompasses not only the purchase order, goods receipt note, invoice and payment aspects of the process but also requirements around policy guardrails, purchase controls, payment rules, the authorisation matrix to name a few.

We strictly follow ‘Never Say No’ philosophy with our customers and partners

It is evident from the likeability factor of our Partner Banks and our wide enterprise base that we are an innovative and evolving payment platform for Enterprises and Businesses. This is down to our stakeholders whose evolving needs continuously challenge us to keep raising the bar. To put it simply, they push us to do better. At the same time credit must also be given to our team whose ‘Never Say No’ attitude and out of the box thought process is the reason why we’re able to deliver all the time.

We equip Enterprises with progressive & cutting-edge technology platforms

Being a Fintech organization, our survival and success is purely dependent on the adoption of progressive and cutting-edge technology platforms. We provide plug and play BPM workflows to corporates for all their payment needs. Our technology suite helps our customers and partners with UX and Workflows, a powerful self-help portal with easy customisation and connectors to integrate with all major ERPs

nitin chavan

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Aquapay Payment Technologies Pvt. Ltd